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BaldwinDenimFounded and designed by Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim and Collection is a Kansas City based clothing and lifestyle brand, founded on modern design, quality textiles, and American manufacturing.

Every facet of Baldwin Denim and Collection is deliberate — from the tailored proportions to the fabrics and materials, to the colors and washes to even the white rivet detail. Each piece is a chapter in the overall Baldwin story, and that story is one of timeless modernism.

Matt Baldwin, named one of GQ’s menswear designers of the year in 2013, founded the brand in 2009 out of an unmet need in the marketplace for an American-made denim brand with a modern design aesthetic using ultra- premium Japanese and American selvage denim. While the brand has evolved with the introduction of a women’s line in 2013, Baldwin Denim and Collection remains rooted in quality tailoring, durability, and a modern aesthetic.

Baldwin started with 3 men’s fits with production runs of as little as 70 units at a time. Today, the Baldwin collection, which is cut and sewn in the USA, is made up of men’s and women’s shirts, pants, denim and accessories. They’re sold to the top specialty stores worldwide and recently opened two flagship stores in Kansas City.

Baldwin’s growth has been fueled by its approachability, functional design, attention to detail, and inclusiveness; a focus on making their customers feel part of their brand.



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While living in Colorado my love for snowboarding and snowboard shops quickly turned into a desire to be a part of the Action Sports industry.  I then moved to Huntington Beach, CA to pursue it. I achieved my degree in Apparel Manufacturing from FIDM in Los Angeles, and after spending time working for various brands my wife and I took an opportunity to move back to our Midwest roots. In 2003 we opened up our first men’s and women’s designer boutique in Kansas City.

For the last 10 years my time has been spent growing a men’s and women’s retail business, connecting with the customer and learning how to provide the right products for the right people. Interior design, merchandising, trend-spotting, scouting new and emerging brands, marketing, branding, sales, customer service, business management, and design were all part of a days work.

My identity as a designer was born out of necessity. As a denim shop owner/buyer/seller I was constantly looking for a new great product. By 2009, it became apparent that an American-made denim brand applying modern design aesthetics to ultra-premium Japanese and American selvage was very hard to find. Out of this need, Baldwin Denim was born.  A love for denim and timeless functionality mixed with a love for modern design and American made goods has driven my desire to create. I am passionate about great products that serve a purpose and provide a value.  Fit and fabric started, and have remained, as two of my most important values during the design process.  The right fit will bring you back to the same piece time and time again while the right fabric will keep you in that same piece.

Baldwin Denim started with 3 men’s fits with production runs as little as 70 units at a time, and has since grown to add a full women’s collection. The growth we have seen over this short time has been amazing. Selling to the top specialty stores worldwide and opening our first Baldwin flagship store in Kansas City have created a lot of excitement for myself and the amazing team that I now have around me. I’m thankful and excited for the future of this brand, the people that are involved, and the people who have connected with the product to date.

Matt Baldwin